If you launch GoDog GameStream, will they watch?


92% of league families registered to watch live games within 48 hours of being invited.

97% of league families would recommend GoDog GameStream to a friend or colleague.

98% of league families plan on watching GoDog GameStream next season.

Viewers generated over 92,000 streams and watched 8900 hours per league over an 11 week season.

100% of league families invited at least one other family member to watch GoDog GameStream.

GoDog GameStream is simple to use. GoDog Sports averages only 3 customer care contacts per month, and has a 7 second response time.

Results based on survey conducted with GoDog GameStream family viewers in June 2019.

Notes From Viewers

We love receiving feedback from GoDog GameStream
Viewers. Here are some of our favorites!

I was unable to make all of my son’s games and I know how important it is for him to know that I am there watching. It gives him a sense of confidence knowing that I was watching and even though I was not physically there it made him and myself feel better. I did not miss a game.

I have family members who live outside the state who have never been able to watch my son play baseball, including my parents who can’t travel here anymore. The live streaming gave my family members a chance to see him play. It wasn’t just fun for them, but fun for my son knowing that his grandparents and uncles were watching him and cheering him on. As a coach, I also loved the fact that I could watch other teams play when my son and I couldn’t make the games in person.

My son’s mom had a hard time leaving work this year, so live streaming allowed her to watch all of his games from work. I can’t thank you guys enough for bringing this service to our league. Truly was the best addition ever.

This is one of the best things the league could have done. Thank you so much.

This was an amazing experience to have my son’s grandmother watching games live and texting me about his hits & plays in the field. It also allowed me to enjoy weekday afternoon games from the office!

My in-laws live in Virginia, and never get to see their grandson play baseball. This season, they got to watch every game via streaming. It was fantastic!

I love being able to live stream games. We had family all over the country logging in to watch the games. My dad in Florida would watch the games with his friends by logging in on his big screen! It’s awesome!!

It was wonderful for my sons’ grandparents to be able to watch without leaving their house.

Knowing that his grandparents and other relatives were watching him from afar made my son put extra effort into his baseball games. It was great to be able to tell him that Grandma saw that double he hit.

Over the years, I’ve missed most of my son’s weeknight games due to work. The live stream enables me to see what I’ve been missing. Video quality is really good, so I see everything I want to see.

All of our extended family lives in the Midwest so they rarely get to see our son play. It was an absolute gift for them to be able to watch the games via the live stream.

Most of our family is out of state and have missed out on watching our son play baseball. With the addition of live streaming this season, we were able to share his games with everyone. It has been so amazing.

I travel for work and to be able to watch my kids games was awesome.

My mom is on the East Coast and was able to watch games all season long! It’s so hard to be far away from family and this made it easier.

My family lives out-of-state, so their ability to watch my son’s games is exciting and an invaluable resource as “the next best thing to being there.”

Great addition to the league!

We watched constantly! Even other friends’ games.

My sister just had a baby, so was home bound for most of the season. As a regular game goer, she really relied on GoDog to help her feel a part of the experience, as well as watch my boys play.

My family in England were able to watch my son pitch the final innings of their championship game and win. That’s priceless!

With our daily lives it’s impossible to be at the field all day every day. GoDog has made it super convenient to watch my kids’ games on any device while unable to be at the field, watch other league teams’ games, or watch our own teams when the family is out of town.

My kids grandparents and aunts in Michigan and Montana got to watch my son play. This helps them to see another side of our family from a distance and helps for them to see the grand kid grow in the sport he loves!

With my busy schedule it allowed me to stay connected with my son, as he really enjoyed knowing that I was still watching and that we could talk about the game after.

This is a great service and I know that we and many other families really appreciate it, when we can’t attend the games in person.

Keep up the great work!

My parents who live in Canada were able to watch their grandsons play baseball. My husband could watch games when he was traveling for work. I could watch action in both kids’ games when they were playing at the same time.

I was able to watch games from work when I wasn’t able to get to games in person. It’s been amazing!

Our family outside of L.A. were able to see our boys play. Additionally, we were able to view games we could not attend.

My husband was able to watch from work and never miss a moment or play! Thank you!

Allowed other family to watch from out of town. Allowed us, as parents, to watch if we had conflicting schedules.

The video/internet quality is superior to other services out there.