Technical Questions

Technical requirements and optimization of GoDog

Q. What web browsers are supported to view games on GoDog?

A. The recommended browser to view games is Google Chrome.

However, the GameStream system can be played in many different browsers and we are constantly testing them on new technology and devices.

Q. Is the live stream compatible with my device?

A. GoDog live stream is accessible on nearly any computer or mobile device via a private link provided by your facility admin. Fans can view the live stream on most web browsers. (Google Chrome is recommended)

Q. How many days are games archived?

A. If your league or facility has turned on the archive feature, video playback will be available for up to 10 days.

Q. What happens if the stream goes down?

A. All video is securely stored locally so in the unlikely event of a stream failure the video will be uploaded and viewable at a later date. (If your league offers the archived video feature)

Q. How much data is consumed viewing a live stream?

A. The average youth game takes less than two hours and 1.2GB of data.

Check out GodogWifi at participating fields to avoid unnecessary wireless carrier charges.