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GoDog Free is powered by FundMyTeam Assisted Fundraising, the fast, low-cost, safe online way to raise funds for youth sports organizations. FundMyTeam’s expert fundraiser-led campaigns have successfully funded over 1,000 organizations across 19 team sports since 2018.

GoDog Free is the easy, fast, and safe online way to bring live streaming video to your organization’s family, friends and fans for free. We manage the entire campaign on your behalf to keep it hands-free!

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    Why GoDog Free Works

    • Crowdfunding campaign designed for a single purpose – streaming!
    • Provides actual benefits to donors, including grandparents and families
    • Highly used service – 92% of GoDog GameStream users register within 48 hours of launch.*
    • 99% of GoDog GameStream users recommend to family & friends.*
    • Families value live streaming at $200/yr per family.
    • Field fundraiser achieves success with 50 people paying $65, on average.
    • GoDog Free doesn’t cannibalize other league funding.
    • Live streaming launched at leagues is most often described as “the best thing that’s happened to our league in years” by league families.*

    *Results based on 2019 survey conducted with GoDog GameStream family viewers.