Game Day Support

Quick help for any game day streaming questions

Q. What do I do if my feed does not appear to be working or buffering?

A. GoDog GameStream requires a stable internet connection to view. To troubleshoot, check your connection and internet speed to ensure that you have a speed capable of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. In most cases, refreshing or reloading the page will solve the problem.

Q. What if I can’t hear audio?

A. If no audio is heard on the system, your league has decided to broadcast video only and not include audio. Please consult your league rep if you’d like to inquire about turning audio on during games.

Q. How can my league or facility get GoDog GameStream?

A. Either have someone from your facility contact us or drop us an email and let us know who we should contact at your league.

Q. How do I find the field I want to watch?

A. Finding the field you want to view is as easy as logging in and then you can search by date, division, team, and/or location. If you know the game is today then click on the ‘LIVE’ section. You can select archived games by clicking on the ‘ON DEMAND’ section.

Q. Is creating an account necessary?

A. Yes, account creation is used to ensure only family and friends are allowed to view the streams.

Q. I’m having difficulty signing in.

A. If you are having difficulty signing in, please try clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies and make sure you are running the latest version of your preferred browser. Please note initial access to the system must be granted by your facility administrator.
Clear you Cache and Cookies

1) Open your web browser’s settings page.
2) Clear your “Cache” on your browser.

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