Compare GoDog GameStream

#1 with Dedicated High Speed Internet,
Customer Service, Quality & Reliability

Includes Dedicated High Speed Internet

Our high speed satellite Internet partner Viasat can be included in every package and reaches virtually anywhere in North America.

GoDog has also partnered with all major Internet providers in the US to help your league source broadband.

You'll need to schedule, manage and pay for an Internet provider and troubleshoot any video outages between the video platform and your broadband partner.
Registration & Privacy
GoDog Sports requires registration for every viewer. Have peace of mind knowing who is watching your kids.
If their videos just play on the open Internet, anyone can watch.
HD Video
Seeing is believing. Schedule a personal consultation to see one of our GoDog GameStreams live.
Seeing is believing. Check their feed quality vs GoDog GameStream.
Best in Class AXIS Cameras
GoDog Sports is committed to using best-in-class partners.
Make sure you check the quality of their cameras. Are they using AXIS quality?
League Admin Tools
GoDog Sports provides simple tools to control camera movement, turn audio on and off, view analytics, and publish league advertising.
Do they provide facilities the flexibility to control their own experiences?
Stable Backbone
GoDog Sports backbone is distributed worldwide so wherever you access our feeds, a server close to you will serve up the video ensuring the highest quality stream.
Are their servers distributed throughout the world or do they have one server providing all streams to every league? Don't let a power outage kill your network, like
Worry Free Streaming
GoDog Sports supports unlimited viewers while maintaining HD quality video.
Can they support more than 25 simultaneous viewers on a single live video feed without the video breaking up?
Real Time DVR
Access recorded games on the same day and up to 90 days.
Ask if games are available the same day or require time to be processed and posted.
90 Day Storage, Tagging&Highlight Clips
Table stakes are covered!
Well, all right.
Graphic On-Screen Scoreboard
GoDog features crowd sourced, on-screen scoring graphics.
You often get a blurred enlargement of the field scoreboard.
Snack Bar TV
GoDog Sports Snack Bar TV helps increase snack bar revenue by attracting fans and families to watch live games on every field.
If anyone offers it, we haven't seen it.
Broadcast Messages to Families
Facility managers can type a message to appear over live videos to make special announcements, such as rain delays.
Can their system offer custom messages?
Expand League Sponsorships & Advertising
GoDog makes advertising simple. GoDog Sports provides ad specs for video and banners so leagues can expand their advertising revenue.
Can leagues manage their own advertising? Will the streaming video provider run their own ads over your games?
National Installer Network
GoDog Sports has a national installer network so we can have your league installed quickly.
Can they install anywhere in the US in a timely manner?
Local Technicians
Our national installer network can also have you up and running in the event of any weather related or other outage.
If they don't live close, they'll need to fly to you to troubleshoot any issues.
Dedicated Customer Care
GoDog Sports dedicated reps are available 7 days a week to support leagues, schools and families.
Ask about their staffing and hours.
WiFi HotSpot for Families
GoDog Sports installs a WiFi HotSpot at no cost to your facility and shares revenue to offset your live streaming system.
Does the video provider provide any programs for your facility to earn revenue?
Full Time Staff
GoDog Sports has full time staff throughout the country to help understand, install and manage your live streaming service.
Are they full time at other jobs or is this their full time focus?
Passion for Youth Sports
We are all in!
We have no doubt others have passion, but when installing a league-wide system there are considerations to ensure privacy, hands-free-maintenance and the highest quality service.
Schedule a personal consultation to learn how GoDog GameStream can pay for itself!